Jan 24, 201204:14 PM

Changing the game of golf

Even the most avid golfers have compared golf on TV to "watching paint dry," a tired cliché but a popular response. Because of this, for years the popularity of the game and the players remained somewhat stagnant. Outside of Stricker, Wilson and Kelly, all Wisconsin natives, how many of us really feel a strong connection to any other golfers on the Tour? Tiger and Phil? Maybe. Rory or Dustin? Perhaps.

Social media is changing the game of golf right before our eyes. Players have become far more interactive and more interesting to fans all over the world. Even the most casual fans are jumping on board and becoming engaged.

Before the advent of social media, we were at the mercy of SportCenter highlights or articles recapping the day's events. And even then we were limited to hearing about a select few on the Tour.

Further expanding the social media presence is a must for the continued growth of golf. Here are a few examples of how you can take part in the revolution:

  • The Matchups Game on Facebook is a fun and easy way for fans to stay connected with players and tournaments. During the summer, the PGA Tour Facebook page lists five head-to-head matchups each week. Fans select a player from each matchup whom they think will play better in the tournament. The fans with the most points have a chance to win weekly prizes.
  • Divotr, a soon-to-be-released mobile golf social app comes with the promise of getting people to interact with pro golf tournaments taking place around the world. Fans will be able to talk about the tournament and players with real-time updates from those who are there watching. This will no doubt also increase the exposure and interest in the LPGA, which doesn’t get nearly the coverage of its counterpart.
  • Then of course, there is Twitter. Players like Bubba Watson, John Daly and Rory McIlroy exchange tweets with golf fans and other players from around the world on a daily basis. Some of them are actually pretty entertaining and engaging.

This is just a small sample of what’s out there. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.


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